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We are a group of young professionals in the F&B industry helping cafés and restaurants discover ways to stand out and have a strong digital presence. At Think Food Marketing, we collaborate with local bloggers, foodies and influencers to create a single tone of voice to target each client's specific audience.

With our extensive network of social media influencers, graphic designers and advertising specialists, you can have your own tailored marketing team to guide you to success. We handle the stress and worries of the frequent changing media platforms and enable you to focus on the operations of your business. Through intensive market research and demographic analysis, we identify the best tools to achieve your target goals. 

At Think Food Marketing, our experts become yours, allowing you to have a group of marketing professionals without the cost of having an 'in-house' team. After taking time to understand and dissect your business, we will create a marketing plan along with a social media storyboard to help your business thrive! Our goal is to make you be seen and stay relevant.

Through ongoing analysis, we make sure that your approaches are "as fluid and evolving as the industry around you." The right marketing strategy will lead your F&B business to success. We are here to guide you through the process of building a strong brand that is relatable and content that will draw the customers in. 




Our Services


Social Media Marketing

Through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and/or Twitter we help you meet your customers where they spend their time. Through various social media platforms, you can connect and interact with your audience in a fun and creative way. Crafting a brand that identifies with your target audience will remind them of your business and help your restaurant stay fresh in mind. 

Graphic Design

Design is essential in crafting a Brand Identity for your business. It is often the first impression your restaurant will give to its customers; which means, it is essential to make it memorable. Through Promotional Prints, Menu Designs, Packaging, and Interior Graphics we help you make bold statements that captivate your audience while maintaining the core values of your business. 


Having a Brand Identity that engages at the heart of the conversation is our goal. We take time to first understand your business and vision; then through careful analysis, we deliver a brand guideline that is tailored to your restaurant. The guideline will help create a clear and relatable Brand Identity, which will carry a single tone of voice across multiple platforms of marketing. 


Identifying Consumer Trends is important in keeping your brand relevant and relatable. Through industry analysis we will help you stay on top of your game, allowing you to focus on operations as we work to bring you the most up to date information on Food and Taste Trends. We'll also be here to remind and prepare you for major seasonal promotions and marketing strategies. 


You either love Yelp or hate it. Wherever you stand, we are here to help! Through our experience and knowledge of Yelp's platform and guidelines, we can help you stand out amongst your competition. Knowing the Do's and Don'ts is the key to having success with Yelp. With the right guidance, it is a powerful tool to gain exposure and trust from your customers. 


Our goal is to captivate your audience through stunning photography that captures the vibrant energy of your food and restaurant. Through professional pictures, you will stand out in the fast-paced world of social media and attract new customers to bring traffic to your business. 

public relations

Let us help you create Positive Buzz around your brand. Through our Influencer Connections, we will identify the best way to leverage your business and attract publishers like LA Weekly, Eater LA, Food Insider, LA Times and More! Often times, all you need is a foot in the door, we can be that bridge. 

One of the reasons social media is so powerful, and so successful, and has been embraced by so many, so quickly, is because it gives people the ability to connect with each other in a way that’s very human and very personal.
— National Restaurant News


our offerings


Tier One

social Media & Yelp



the 'Basic'  Package

This package is the best fitting for cafés and smaller restaurants who are new to social media. Our team of social media experts will create and take over your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Through different platforms, we engage inconversations  


with your customers and help personify your brand. Your days of worrying about Yelp is over! We can help you take down unfair reviews and allow your business to stand out on Yelp, giving you a competitive advantage over your competitors.  



Tier two

+ Graphic Design & Photography



the 'Creative'  Package

Graphics is arguably the most important detail in a restaurant; it's what separates your restaurant from looking professional vs. just another 'mom n pop' shop. Our 'Creative' package will allow you to build beautiful Logo Designs,


 Menu Boards, Promotional Posters, Packaging and more! Let your Visual Cues speak for themselves. We help you make an impression through Professional Photography, showcasing your business through stunning pictures. 



Tier three -

+ Branding, Strategy & Public Relations



'Total marketing'  package

We become Your Marketing Team. Everything from Strategic Planning to Competitor Analysis and Public Relations, we handle ALL of your marketing needs. You have the advantage and support of having an 'in-house' marketing department, with


experts from different areas of creative services. The 'Total Marketing' package is our most highly valued service, best fitting for restaurants and corporations who are focused on growth and expansion.



Our Work





We love learning and finding new opportunities to help businesses grow in the F&B industry. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have about the industry and how we can help!